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The machine shop at Echjay has one of the most versatile capacity built in. We have installed a series of CNC machines to maintain accuracy and repeatability. Echjay has facility to perform turning, grinding, broaching, drilling, deep hole drilling, milling and threading. In order to make certain that components are finished on time and as fast as possible, Echjay has an independent planning team for this department, and a list of registered & approved vendor base to outsource any operation. Echjay’s vendor base of machinists is expected to follow the same quality standards that are maintained at Echjay. For such components that are outsourced for part machining additional quality inspection is done at both the ends.
Echjay Forging Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Kanjur Village, Kanjur Marg (E)
Mumbai - 400 042
Maharashtra, India

Tel : +91-22-2578 2461
Fax : +91-22-2578 4962
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